QUARTILE.EXC: Excel Formulae Explained

How do you use QUARTILE.EXC in Excel?

The QUARTILE.EXC function in Excel returns the quartile (25th percentile) of a given set of data. To use the function, you simply need to input the data set you want to analyze and the function will return the 25th percentile value. This can be helpful for determining where a particular value falls within a given set of data, or for identifying any outliers. Additionally, the QUARTILE.EXC function can be used to create quartile plots, which can be helpful for visualizing data.

What is the syntax of QUARTILE.EXC in Excel?


Returns the quartile number for the given array.

What is an example of how to use QUARTILE.EXC in Excel?

QUARTILE.EXC is used to extract the quartile of a data set that is not in ascending order. The syntax for using QUARTILE.EXC is:


Where "array" is the range of cells containing the data set and "quartile" is the quartile number to extract.

For example, if you have the following data set in cells A1:A10:

2, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19

The quartiles would be:

QUARTILE.EXC(A1:A10,1) would return 5 QUARTILE.EXC(A1:A10,2) would return 7 QUARTILE.EXC(A1:A10,3) would return 11 QUARTILE.EXC(A1:A10,4) would return 13 QUARTILE.EXC(A1:A10,5) would return 15 QUARTILE.EXC(A1:A10,6) would return 17 QUARTILE.EXC(A1:A10,7) would return 19

When should you not use QUARTILE.EXC in Excel?

There are a few occasions when you should not use QUARTILE.EXC in Excel. If you have a data set that is less than four data points, you should use the QUARTILE.INV function instead. Additionally, if you want to calculate the median of your data set, you should use the MEDIAN function instead of QUARTILE.EXC.

What are some similar formulae to QUARTILE.EXC in Excel?

In Excel, QUARTILE.EXC is used to calculate the quartile of a data set that is not in ascending order. Some similar formulae to QUARTILE.EXC are:

QUARTILE.INC: This formula calculates the quartile of a data set that is in ascending order.

QUARTILE.D: This formula calculates the quartile of a data set that is in descending order.

MEDIAN: This formula calculates the median of a data set.

MEAN: This formula calculates the mean of a data set.

MODE: This formula calculates the mode of a data set.

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