As simple as you want,
as powerful as you need

Causal has replaced Google Sheets and Metabase for us — it's the source of truth for all the numbers in our business. Our team are more engaged with the business financials than they ever were before.
Robbie Osborne
Head of Finance
With Causal, every stakeholder in the company can transparently access targets and metrics self-serve, and Aidan can focus on helping the business make better decisions.
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Connected to your stack

Pull live data from your accounting system, HRIS, CRM, data warehouse, and more.

Transaction drill-down

Understand the data behind your numbers without leaving Causal

Granular permissions

Set permissions for users and teams on individual models, or parts of models
“Causal was the only platform that provided the modelling flexibility that we needed, without requiring external consultants to manage it. It's freed up my team’s time for value-additive work with confidence in our numbers, and the Causal team are a pleasure to work with.”
Dina Fok
Financial Controller
Marley Spoon saved 30 hours per month by switching to Causal and connecting directly to their data warehouse for cohort-level revenue modelling that couldn't be done in any other tool.
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Formulas made for humans

Model anything with human-readable formulas — no #REFs or VLOOKUPs.

Plan for every scenario

Spin up new scenarios in 1 click and compare them side-by-side.

Built-in currency conversion

Model and consolidate seamlessly across multiple currencies with live rates.

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What people are saying

Mike Overell

The rate of product improvements from @CausalHQ is incredible.

Classdojo runs all forecasts, scenarios, and financial planning in it, without a single FTE in the function 🤯

Jeremy Higgs

I’ve been using @CausalHQ for the past two weeks to rebuild our financial model, and it’s such a breath of fresh air compared to the fragile, static models that I ended up making in Excel/Sheets.

Zuhayeer Musa

If you haven’t yet checked out @CausalHQ, it’s an incredible way to create live-updating forecasts with built-in tools for modeling uncertainty

Dries Vaesen

Been playing around with @CausalHQ for the last hour or so and I'm very impressed by the simplicity yet thoughtfulness of the features and interactions. Great job!

Tyler Tringas

I’m a bit of a spreadsheet/model-building nerd and I’ve been super impressed with @CausalHQ. Among other things I think we’ll rebuild a dynamic version of our founder-break-even calculator. Should be fun.

ben 🌐³ 🔮👀📐🏗️🚀✨🟣

One of my favourite web apps:

Quickly & easily create financial models + automatically generate dynamic presentations based on those models. Brilliant work by @CausalHQ

Matt 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

On a demo with @CausalHQ via @makerpad

It is a game changer for modeling. CFOs and PMs will be chomping at the bit to get their hands on it.


Danae Shell

Y'all, I have built a LOT of financial models in my day and @CausalHQ just made it super easy to build one up from scratch. WAY easier than my spreadsheets. I am obsessed!

Matt Mazzeo

Need to build a model? This product is stunning.

👊👊 @CausalHQ


if you use spreadsheets, you should be using @causalhq instead. don't play yourself!

Vithu G. Namasivayam

Non-codey people that love math should try @CausalHQ. I feel like a data scientist using it when I am in fact neither a data nor a scientist.

Ben Sehl

If you ever do any modeling/forecasting — I seriously can’t recommend @CausalHQ enough. It is such a great product.

Colin Plamondon

Throwing together probabilistic models w/ @CausalHQ is futuristic as hell.

I was writing a project spec last night. CAC vs. price vs. conversion rates - Causal stuff.

Within 45m I was exploring scenarios in a detailed, data-backed way.

Craziest part? It embeds in Notion 🤯

Sar Haribhakti

This is cool

Kieran McHugh

Preparing a financial model for Daybridge in @CausalHQ and I must say it’s a phenomenal piece of software with a boatload of potential. Magical to watch things reload in real time. I need to know their tech stack!

kempsterrrr.eth | (🧱, 🚀) ᵍᵐ

strong recommend @CausalHQ for interactive financial modelling. for matter any modelling.

breath of fresh air from trying to do these things in excel