Connect your models to live accounting data from QuickBooks

QuickBooks is one of the most popular small business accounting software packages. Use it to track and manage your expenses and costs, as well as recording income and revenue.

Use Causal to build your company's financial plan, and connect it to your accounting data in QuickBooks to get visibility into your operations, and to make sure that your forecasts are up-to-date. Here's what you can do once your QuickBooks data is connected to your Causal model:

Scenario planning: 

Build custom scenarios in a few clicks and compare them side-by-side in charts and tables.

Budget vs actuals analysis:

Causal automatically takes snapshots of your model, letting you track its performance against actual data as it comes in.

Rolling forecasts:

Build your forecasts on top of actuals so that they're automatically kept up-to-date as new data comes in.

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