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Flexible Modelling

Stop grappling with cell references and broken formulas.

Anything you can do in Excel, you can do in Causal — with 10–100x fewer formulas. Fewer formulas mean fewer errors, and our natural formula language lets your team audit your models in seconds.

Run what-if scenarios in real-time.

Set up unlimited driver-based scenarios, managed automatically by Causal. For uncertain drivers, use ranges ("5% to 10%") and see the full range of possible outcomes.

Never deal with CSVs again.

Pull financial data directly from your accounting system, and combine it with operational data from your CRM and data warehouse to build fully integrated models.

Consolidate data from multiple sources and business entities.

Automatically track the performance of your model against actual data, and compare model versions (e.g. Budget) against actuals and re-forecasts.
Explore data integrations

Replace static reports with interactive dashboards.

Generate beautiful charts and tables without spending hours on customisation and configuration.

Set up custom views and permissions for each stakeholder, with a single underlying source of truth.

Embed live Causal charts and tables into documents (Notion, etc) and websites (like this one!).
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