Causal replaces your spreadsheet and slide deck.

Build models effortlessly and share them with interactive, visual dashboards that everyone will understand. A single source of truth for your decision-making.

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How Causal Works
04 mins

Powering data-driven teams

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Explore how Causal is being used
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    "Causal's scenario planning and reporting capabilities have transformed the way we plan and communicate with our team and shareholders. It's a no brainer if you run a business."
    Tal Meser
    Tal Meser, CEO
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    interactive dashboard
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    An all-in-one media planning and reporting tool for data-driven growth.

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    teams and permissions

    Give your prospects a professional, interactive calculator to understand the ROI of your product.

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    distribution chart

    Monte Carlo simulation as powerful as programming, and easier than a spreadsheet.

Live Templates

Examples that you can use as starting points for your own models

Product features

What you can do with Causal
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    Forecast with (un)certainty

    There's always uncertainty in the real world. Causal lets you work with ranges instead of fixed values, so you can understand all possible outcomes, not just one scenario.

    See a live example.

    example chart with uncertainty
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    Share interactive, visual narratives

    Your team needs to understand your numbers, but their eyes glaze over when you show them a spreadsheet. Causal lets you share your models as interactive dashboards.

    See a live example.

    How Causal Works
    04 mins
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    Integrate with your data, everywhere

    No more manually importing/exporting CSVs into spreadsheets every month to get the latest numbers. Causal's live data integrations keep your models up-to-date automatically.

    example data integrationsSheets, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Shopify, Salesforce
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    profit = revenue - costs
    Readable Formulas

    Natural language formulas let anyone understand your model.

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    share models easily
    Teams & Permissions

    Collaborate with your team without stepping on anyone's toes.

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    restore old versions easily
    Version Control

    No need to send updated spreadsheets in email attachments.

Spreadsheet add-ons

Get a flavour of Causal with your existing Excel/Sheets models
  • Causal Scenarios

    Your spreadsheet model has various assumptions, and you won't be certain about each of their value. Use the Causal Scenarios add-on to account for this uncertainty.

    The add-on runs hundreds of simulations for different scenarios, letting you test the sensitivity of your outputs with respect to your assumptions.

    Learn more.