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We're on a mission to help people use numbers to make better decisions together. There's lots to do as we build Causal to become the de-facto tool for working with numbers — we'd love your help.

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What we value

01Outward Excellence

Our outward facing work should be beautiful. We take pride in our product design, marketing material, written content, and customer interactions.

04Bias to Action + Learning

We approach new challenges with a growth mindset, and trust in our ability to "figure it out". We launch initial versions of projects quickly, and iterate from there.

02Autonomy + Ownership

We give our team responsibility over their work. We value collaboration, but believe all projects should have defined owners who are accountable for their success.


We make decisions in the open to provide full business context across the organisation. We welcome candid feedback from one another and use it to make us better.

03Kindness + Humility

We treat people with compassion and care about each others’ feelings. We act in Causal’s best interests and leave our ego at the door.
Causal is unlike other places I've worked; a humbling environment, filled with exciting challenges across the spectrum of technical and creative, while collaborating with brilliant humans who leave their egos at the door and embody an unwavering willingness to tackle initiatives with grace. Best of all, our culture favors autonomy and ownership, which enables everyone to reach their full potential in a self-paced and supported manner.
Andrew Frankel
Engineering Manager

We're a small team, and well-funded by some great VCs and angel investors across the US and Europe.

01Founded by
Taimur Abdaal, CEO
Twitter, LinkedIn
Lukas Koebis, CTO
Twitter, LinkedIn
02Backed by
Angels: Founders, operators, and investors, including Naval Ravikant (Angellist), Scott Belsky (Adobe), Jeremy Stoppelman (Yelp), Sam Blond (Founders Fund), and more.
03Built by
A talented team of 21 people across Europe, the US, and a few other countries too.
My favorite part about working at Causal is the people. Our team is a very special bunch! Every day I am surrounded by some of the brightest, kindest, and most hardworking people I have ever met. I feel extremely lucky to be working with them day in and day out, and I truly believe the sky is the limit with this group!
Haley Scott
Head of People

What we offer

01Competitive compensation
Cash: We offer competitive salaries based on market data and our internal leveling structure.
Stock: We believe everyone on our team should have a stake in Causal’s success, and our stock option plan is designed to reflect that. All of our team members receive stock options as a part of their total comp package.
02Remote-first culture
We work remotely to allow for ample flexibility, but stay connected virtually and in-person when possible. We are primarily located on the East Coast of the US and in the UK.

Time off: Our flexible time-off policy is designed to give our team ample time to rest and recharge.
Off-sites: Our bi-annual offsites allow us to connect, collaborate, and spend quality time together as a team. We’ve traveled to Spain, Costa Rica, Italy, Mexico, and the UK.
03Generous stipends
Monthly Remote Wellness Stipend: We recognize that everyone has different needs, so this flexible monthly stipend allows our team to spend money on things that benefit their remote lifestyle, including gym memberships, co-working, and more!

Home Office Stipend: Outward excellence comes from within. We want our team to have everything needed be productive and able create their best possible work.
Learning & Development Stipend: We value learning and are consistently looking for ways to develop, and grow. We provide a reoccurring annual learning and development stipend to be used for learning initiatives that are relevant to each person’s individual needs.
04Health insurance & pension
Health insurance: We offer competitive medical, vision, and dental insurance coverage covered at 100% for employees.
Pension: For our employees located in the US, UK and CA, Causal offers retirement programs in the form of a 401k, Pension, and an RRSP. All of these plans include a company match.
Working at Causal has been an incredibly fulfilling journey so far. The environment strikes the perfect balance between being demanding and rewarding, and I appreciate the freedom to explore and champion what I believe to be the right approach. Contributing to an exciting product alongside a team of remarkably intelligent individuals has been both inspiring and motivating. Causal is a space that fosters creativity, challenges boundaries, and encourages continuous improvement.
Joāo Monteiro
Software Engineer

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Remote - US / UK
Product Engineer
We're looking for senior product engineers to help us build the most flexible and easy to use number crunching tool. We have to solve various difficult engineering/UX problems: Our spreadsheet-esque frontend interface: This interface comes with a slew of UI/UX challenges to support complex functionality without being complicated, and needs to be incredibly performant. Causal needs a low floor and a high ceiling — it should be simple enough for anyone to get started with, but powerful enough for really complex use-cases. Our dashboarding and data visualisation capabilities: We have to allow users to create beautiful charts and tables to communicate with numbers. I would love to chat if you are up for the challenge! Lukas (CTO)
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