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ENCODEURL: Google Sheets Formulae Explained

How do you use ENCODEURL in Google Sheets?

ENCODEURL is a Google Sheets add-on that allows you to encode a URL into a Base64 string. This can be useful for embedding links into documents or for passing URLs as parameters in scripts. To use ENCODEURL, open the add-ons menu and select "ENCODEURL." Then, enter the URL you want to encode into the text box and press "Encode." The encoded URL will be displayed in the text box below.

What is the syntax of ENCODEURL in Google Sheets?

ENCODEURL is a function in Google Sheets that takes a URL as an input and returns the encoded value of that URL. The syntax of ENCODEURL is as follows:


This function will return the encoded value of, which is "GxlZXhhbXM=".

What is an example of how to use ENCODEURL in Google Sheets?

ENCODEURL("") will return the following text: "". ENCODEURL can be used to encode any text or URL in Google Sheets.

When should you not use ENCODEURL in Google Sheets?

ENCODEURL should not be used when the sheet contains data that is not to be shared publicly. ENCODEURL should also not be used when the sheet contains formulas or data that are confidential.

What are some similar formulae to ENCODEURL in Google Sheets?

There are a few different formulae that you can use to encode a URL in Google Sheets. One option is ENCODEURL, which will encode a URL using UTF-8. Another option is ENCODE, which will encode a string using the ISO-8859-1 character set. Additionally, you can use the URLEncoded function to encode a URL or string using the UTF-8 character set.

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