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DOLLARDE: Google Sheets Formulae Explained

How do you use DOLLARDE in Google Sheets?

The DOLLARDE function in Google Sheets allows you to convert a number from dollars to decimalized dollars. This function is useful when you need to calculate the decimal value of a dollar amount, such as when you are preparing invoices or budgets. To use the DOLLARDE function, you simply enter the dollar amount you want to convert into the function's parentheses, and then press the Enter key on your keyboard. Google Sheets will then display the decimal value of the dollar amount you entered.

What is the syntax of DOLLARDE in Google Sheets?

Dollar signs preceding a number in Google Sheets indicate that the number is in currency format. The number after the dollar sign is the number of cents. For example, $10.50 would be written as 10.50 in Google Sheets.

What is an example of how to use DOLLARDE in Google Sheets?

The DOLLARDE function converts a number to a text representation of that number with a dollar sign and two decimal places. For example, the function =DollarDe("123.45") returns "123.45".

When should you not use DOLLARDE in Google Sheets?

DOLLARDE is not a function that is built into Google Sheets. It is a function that is available in the Google Sheets add-on called "Excel Services." The Excel Services add-on is not a function that is built into Google Sheets. It is an add-on that needs to be installed separately.

What are some similar formulae to DOLLARDE in Google Sheets?

In Microsoft Excel, the DOLLARDE function converts a dollar value to a decimal value. The syntax for the DOLLARDE function is:


The number argument is the dollar value that you want to convert. The decimals argument is the number of decimal places that you want to display.

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