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ASIN: Google Sheets Formulae Explained

How do you use ASIN in Google Sheets?

ASIN is used as an Amazon Standard Identification Number. It is a unique identifier for products sold on Amazon. You can use ASIN in Google Sheets to get information about products, such as the price and the product description. To use ASIN in Google Sheets, you can either enter the ASIN directly into the cell, or you can use the formula =IMPORTXML(""&A2, "//*[@id='product-info']/div/h3/span") where A2 is the cell that contains the ASIN.

What is the syntax of ASIN in Google Sheets?

The syntax of ASIN in Google Sheets is as follows:

=ASIN(cell reference)

Where "cell reference" is the cell containing the product's Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN).

What is an example of how to use ASIN in Google Sheets?

One way to use ASIN in Google Sheets is to find the product's product page. Once on the product page, locate the ASIN on the product detail page. With the ASIN, you can then use the =IMPORTXML function in Google Sheets to import the product's data into a sheet.

When should you not use ASIN in Google Sheets?

There are a few occasions when you should not use ASIN in Google Sheets. One is when you are trying to calculate the median price of an item on Amazon. ASIN is designed to return the Amazon Standard Identification Number for a product, which is used to track and manage products on Amazon. It is not meant to be used as a general pricing lookup. Additionally, if you are trying to look up the price of a product that is not sold on Amazon, ASIN will not return any results.

What are some similar formulae to ASIN in Google Sheets?

The formulae below are all similar to the ASIN function in Google Sheets. They allow you to find the approximate value of an investment at a given time.

-NPV(rate, Investment, start_year, end_year,type)

-IRR(values, start_year, end_year, type)

-XIRR(values, start_year, end_year, type)

-PV(rate, Investment, start_year, end_year,type)

-FV(rate, Investment, start_year, end_year,type)

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