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Viewing Formulas versus Results in Excel

There are a few different ways to view formulas in Excel. One way is to simply click on a cell that contains a formula, and the formula will appear in the formula bar above the worksheet. Another way is to use the Show Formulas button on the Home tab of the ribbon. This will display all formulas in your worksheet, and you can click on any cell to see its formula.

The main advantage of viewing formulas is that it allows you to check for errors. If a cell is displaying the wrong result, you can check the formula to see if there is a mistake. You can also see how complex a formula is, and whether it is doing what you expect it to do.

However, there are also some disadvantages to viewing formulas. First, it can make your worksheet look cluttered and difficult to read. Second, if you accidentally delete or change a cell that contains a formula, it can cause errors in other cells that depend on that formula.

Overall, whether you view formulas or results will depend on your personal preference and what you are trying to achieve with your worksheet. If you need to check for errors or understand how a complex formula works, then viewing formulas can be helpful. However, if you want your worksheet to look clean and tidy, then it might be better to stick with viewing results.

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