Excel Guides

Using the Status Bar in Excel

The status bar is a horizontal window at the bottom of the Excel window that displays information about the current worksheet, such as the current cell address, the number of selected cells, and the average of the values in the selected cells.

You can customize the information that appears on the status bar by adding or removing items. To add an item to the status bar, click the item on the list, and then click Add. To remove an item from the status bar, click the item on the list, and then click Remove.

Cell Address

The cell address item displays the address of the active cell in absolute or relative references, or both. You can specify which reference type to display by clicking the arrow next to Cell Address on the status bar, and then clicking Absolute or Relative.

Number of Selected Cells

The number of selected cells item displays the number of cells that are selected in a worksheet.


The average item displays the average value of all numeric values in the selection.


The count item displays the number of cells in a selection that contain numbers.

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