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Using List Box Controls in Excel

List box controls are a great way to allow users to select from a list of options in Excel. There are two types of list box controls: drop-down and multi-select. Drop-down list boxes only allow the user to select one option, while multi-select list boxes allow the user to select multiple options.

To insert a list box control, go to the Developer tab on the ribbon and click on the Insert drop-down arrow. Then, click on List Box (ActiveX Control). This will insert a list box control onto your worksheet.

Once you have inserted a list box control, you can configure it by right-clicking on it and selecting Format Control. This will open the Format Control dialog box. On the Control tab, you can specify the cell link, which is the cell that will contain the value of the selected option in the list box. You can also specify the font, border, and fill color for the list box.

On the Input Range tab, you can specify the range of cells that contains the options that will be displayed in the list box. By default, Excel will display all cells in this range as options in the list box. However, you can also choose to display only certain cells by selecting the Show only cells with drop-down arrow and choosing an option from the list.

Note: If you change the input range for a list box control, you will need to reconfigure any cell links that were associated with it.

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