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Using GEOMEAN with a Large List in Excel

When working with large lists in Excel, it is often necessary to use the GEOMEAN function. This function calculates the geometric mean of a set of numbers. The geometric mean is the nth root of the product of n numbers. For example, the geometric mean of 2, 4, and 8 is the cube root of 2 × 4 × 8, which is 4.

To use the GEOMEAN function in Excel, select the cell in which you want the result to appear. Then type =GEOMEAN( and select the range of cells that contains the numbers for which you want to calculate the geometric mean. Finally, type a closing parenthesis).

For example, suppose you have a list of 100 numbers in cells A1 through A100. To calculate the geometric mean of these numbers using the GEOMEAN function, select cell B1 and type =GEOMEAN(A1:A100). This will calculate the geometric mean of the numbers in cells A1 through A100 and place the result in cell B1.

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