Excel Guides

Understanding Views in Excel

Views in Excel are a way to save different configurations of your worksheet so that you can quickly switch between them. For example, you might have a view for your data entry team that shows only the columns they need to fill out, and another view for your managers that shows all the data. Views can be customized to show or hide certain rows, columns, or cells, and you can even apply filters and sort orders. To create a view, click the View tab on the ribbon and then click the Create New View button. Enter a name for your view and then click OK.

To switch to a different view, simply click its name in the Views drop-down list. To delete a view, select it in the list and then click the Delete button. You can also rename views by selecting them in the list and then clicking the Rename button.

Views are an easy way to keep your worksheet organized and make it easier to find the information you need. By creating different views for different purposes, you can make sure that everyone on your team is looking at the right data for their job.

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