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Understanding Manual Calculation in Excel

When it comes to manual calculation in Excel, there are a few key things you need to understand. First and foremost, manual calculation is only necessary when your worksheet contains formulas that reference other cells in the worksheet. If your formulas don't reference other cells, then Excel can calculate them automatically. However, if your formulas do reference other cells, then you need to tell Excel when to recalculate the formulas.

There are two ways to tell Excel when to recalculate formulas:

  • Set the calculation mode to manual. This tells Excel not to automatically recalculate formulas. Instead, you'll need to press the F9 key whenever you want formulas to be recalculated. This is the recommended method if your worksheet has a lot of formulas.
  • Use iteration. This tells Excel to recalculate a formula a set number of times. For example, if you set the iteration count to 2, then Excel will recalculate the formula twice. This is useful if your worksheet has a small number of formulas.

You can change the calculation mode in Excel by going to File > Options > Formulas. Then, under Calculation options, select either Automatic or Manual. You can also change the iteration count in this dialog box.

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