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The Maximum Length Limit for a Macro in Excel

There is no maximum length limit for a macro in Excel. However, there is a limit of 8,192 characters for a single line of code.

Macros are written in the Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) programming language. VBA is a powerful programming language that gives you complete control over Excel. You can use VBA to write macros that automate tasks in Excel.

When you record a macro, Excel generates VBA code that you can view and edit. The code that Excel generates is usually very efficient. However, sometimes you may want to make changes to the code or add your own custom code.

If you want to add your own custom code to a macro, you can do so by editing the macro in the Visual Basic Editor (VBE). The VBE is a separate application that opens when you edit a macro. It has its own set of menus and tools.

In the VBE, you can enter any valid VBA code. There is no limit to the amount of code you can enter. However, keep in mind that the more code you enter, the longer it will take for the macro to run.

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