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Status Bar Summing No Longer Available in Excel

Status bar summing is no longer available in Excel because the feature was removed in Excel 2016. The feature was removed because Microsoft felt that it was not being used by a large enough number of users to justify its continued inclusion in the software. While some users may have found status bar summing to be useful, the removal of the feature will not have a significant impact on most users.

If you're one of the few people who did use status bar summing, you can still get the same functionality by using the SUM function in a cell. Simply select the cells you want to sum, type =SUM( into a cell, and then press Enter. This will give you the sum of the selected cells. You can also use the AutoSum button on the Home tab to quickly sum a range of cells.

While status bar summing may no longer be available in Excel, there are still plenty of other ways to quickly and easily sum values in a range of cells. So don't worry - you won't be missing out on anything by not having this feature available.

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