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Sharing Your Workbook in Excel

When you share an Excel workbook, multiple users can open it at the same time and see each other's changes almost immediately. This is a great way to collaborate on a project, or to get feedback on a workbook before sending it off to someone. There are a few different ways to share an Excel workbook:

  1. Share via OneDrive or SharePoint: You can share an Excel workbook by saving it to OneDrive or SharePoint. To do this, click the File tab, and then click Share. In the Share with others box, type the email addresses of the people you want to invite, add a message if you want, and then click Share. The people you invite will get an email with a link to the workbook.
  2. Share via Email: You can also share an Excel workbook by emailing it to someone. To do this, click the File tab, and then click Share. In the Email section, click Send as Attachment. In the To field, type the email address of the person you want to send the workbook to. You can also add a message in the body of the email. When you're ready, click Send. The recipient will get an email with your message and a copy of the workbook attached.


If you plan to continue working on the shared workbook after sending it, be sure to save a copy for yourself first. Otherwise, any changes you make will be overwritten when you save your changes.


If you're not sure whether everyone who needs to edit the workbook has Microsoft Office installed on their computer, consider using OneDrive or SharePoint instead of sharing via email. That way, they can edit the workbook using Office Online, which doesn't require Microsoft Office.

How do I know if someone else is working in my shared workbook?

  1. When someone else is editing a shared workbook that you have open, their cursor will appear as a pencil in the upper left corner of any cell they're currently editing. If more than one person is editing at the same time, each person's cursor will be a different color.

How do I stop sharing my workbook?

  1. If you no longer want to share your workbook with others, click the File tab, and then click Stop Sharing.

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