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Returning Item Codes Instead of Item Names in Excel

If you're working with data in Excel, you may find yourself needing to return the item code instead of the item name. This can be done using a simple formula. Here's how:

  1. In your worksheet, create a column for the item codes. This can be done by selecting a cell in column A and then choosing Insert > Columns from the menu. Type in the heading "Item Code" for this column.
  2. In the cell beneath the heading, type in the following formula: =VLOOKUP(A2,B:C,2,FALSE). This will look up the value in column A (the item name) and return the corresponding value from column B (the item code).
  3. Now you can simply drag this formula down to fill in the rest of the cells in column A.

Note: If you ever need to update your data set, simply add the new data to columns B and C. The formulas will automatically update to include the new values.

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