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Resetting Menus in Excel

If you're looking to reset menus in Excel, there are a few different ways to go about it. You can use the Reset Menu command, which is found under the File menu. This will reset all menus and toolbars to their default settings. If you want to be more selective about which menus are reset, you can use the Customize Menus and Toolbars dialog box. To access this, go to the Tools menu and select Customize Menus and Toolbars. In the dialog box that appears, select the Reset All Menus option.

Alternatively, you can also hold down the Shift key while you click on the File menu. This will bring up a menu of options, one of which is Reset All Menus. Selecting this option will reset all menus to their default settings.

Once you've reset your menus, you may want to take some time to customize them to better suit your needs. To do this, again go to the Customize Menus and Toolbars dialog box (under the Tools menu). In this dialog box, you'll see a list of all available menus and toolbars on the left side. On the right side, you'll see a series of checkboxes that correspond to each menu item. To add or remove a menu item, simply check or uncheck the appropriate box.

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