Excel Guides

Renaming Worksheets in Excel

To rename a worksheet in Excel, right-click on the tab at the bottom of the sheet and select "Rename" from the menu. Type the new name for the sheet and hit Enter. You can also double-click on the tab to rename it.

If you have a lot of sheets in a workbook, it can be helpful to give them more descriptive names. For example, if you have a workbook with data on different regions, you could name each sheet after the region it contains data for. That way, it will be easy to find the sheet you need when you're looking for specific information.

You can also use HTML formatting to change the appearance of your worksheet tabs. For example, you could bold or italicize the text, change the font size or color, or even add an image. To do this, right-click on the tab and select "Format Sheet Tab" from the menu. A dialog box will appear where you can make your changes.

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