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Pulling a Phone Number with a Known First and Last Name in Excel

Assuming you have a list of first and last names in two columns in Excel, and you want to pull a phone number for each person on the list:

  1. In a third column, next to the first and last name columns, type in "Phone" as the heading for this column.
  2. In the cell beneath "Phone", type in the following formula: =CONCATENATE(first name cell," ",last name cell). For example, if the first name is in cell A2 and the last name is in cell B2, then you would type =CONCATENATE(A2," ",B2) in cell C2. This will concatenate the first and last name together in one cell.
  3. Once you have concatenated all of the names together in one column, you can then use a phone number lookup service like Whitepages, 411, or ZabaSearch. Type the concatenated name into the search bar on any of these websites (without quotation marks) and hit enter. The phone number should come up as a result.
  4. Copy and paste the phone number into the corresponding "Phone" column next to the person's name.

Note: If a phone number does not come up for a particular person, it could be because they are not listed in any of the public databases that these websites search through. In this case, you may want to try an online people search engine like PeopleSmart, which searches through multiple databases including social media sites, to try and find a phone number.

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