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Protecting data input in Excel

There are a few ways to protect data input in Excel. One way is to use data validation. Data validation is a feature in Excel that allows you to control what data is entered into a cell. For example, you can use data validation to ensure that a value is entered as a number, or that a date is entered in the correct format. Data validation can also be used to create drop-down lists, so that users can only select from a list of valid values. Another way to protect data input in Excel is to use cell protection. Cell protection allows you to lock cells, so that users cannot edit the contents of those cells. Cell protection can be applied to an entire worksheet, or just to specific cells. You can also use password protection to protect data in Excel. Password protection allows you to restrict access to a workbook or worksheet, so that only users with the correct password can open it. Password protection can be applied to an entire workbook, or just to specific sheets within a workbook.

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