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Non-standard Sorting in Excel

There are a number of ways to sort data in Excel, and the method you choose will depend on your data and how you want it sorted. If your data is simple and you just want it sorted in ascending or descending order, you can use the built-in sort features in Excel. However, if your data is more complex, or you want it sorted in a specific way, you may need to use a non-standard sorting method.

One common non-standard sorting method is to use formulas to sort data. This can be done by creating a new column with a formula that returns the value you want to sort by, and then using that column in the sort. For example, if you have a column of dates and you want to sort them by the day of the week, you could create a new column with a formula that returns the day of the week for each date, and then use that column in the sort. Another common use for formulas when sorting is to extract a specific part of a cell, such as the last name from a cell that contains both the first and last name.

Another non-standard sorting method is to use macros. Macros can be used to automate just about anything in Excel, including sorting data. There are many different ways to write macros for sorting data, so it's best to consult with someone who is experienced in writing macros before attempting this on your own. One common way to sort data with macros is to record a macro while manually performing the sort, and then edit the recorded macro so that it will work on other data sets.

If your data set is very large, or if you need to sort it in multiple ways, you may need to use an external program or database to do the sorting. This is often the case with financial data, which may be stored in a database or spreadsheet program other than Excel. In these cases, it's best to export the data from Excel into the other program or database, and then perform the sort there.

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