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Moving a Worksheet to Another Workbook in Excel

There are a few different ways to move a worksheet to another workbook in Excel. One way is to simply right-click on the tab of the worksheet you want to move, and then click "Move or Copy." In the Move or Copy dialog box that appears, select the workbook you want to move the sheet to from the "To book" drop-down list. Then, make sure the "Create a copy" checkbox is selected and click "OK."

Another way to move a worksheet is to use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + X. To do this, first select the worksheet tab you want to move. Then, hold down the Ctrl key and press X. This will cut the sheet from its current workbook. Next, open up the destination workbook and select the worksheet tab where you want to paste the sheet. Finally, hold down the Ctrl key again and press V. This will paste the sheet into the new workbook.

You can also move a worksheet by dragging and dropping it. To do this, first click on the tab of the sheet you want to move and then drag it over to the tab of the destination workbook. When you see a plus sign appear next to the cursor, release the mouse button.

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