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Macros in Template Files in Excel

Macros are small programs that automate tasks in Excel. For example, you could create a macro that automatically inserts your company's logo into a worksheet or that fills in a standard set of data when you enter a new customer's information. Macros are written in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), which is a programming language designed specifically for use within Office applications like Excel.

You can add macros to template files so that they will be available in any new workbook based on that template. This can be useful if you have macros that you use frequently or that need to be available in multiple workbooks. To add macros to a template file, first open the template file in Excel. Then, open the Visual Basic Editor by selecting Developer > Code > Visual Basic.

In the Visual Basic Editor, select Insert > Module. This will insert a new module into which you can type your macro code. Type or paste your macro code into the module and then save the template file.

Now, whenever you create a new workbook based on this template, the macros will be available to run in that workbook.

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