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Jumping to a Specific Worksheet in Excel

Jumping to a specific worksheet in Excel can be done a few different ways. The first way is to simply click on the tab of the sheet you want to go to at the bottom of your workbook. This is the quickest and easiest way to jump to a specific sheet if you know where it is. Another way to jump to a specific sheet is by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Page Up or Ctrl+Page Down. These shortcuts will take you to the previous or next sheet in your workbook, respectively. If you keep pressing the shortcut key, you will eventually get to the sheet you want. Finally, you can also use the Go To command to jump to a specific sheet. To do this, press Ctrl+G, which will open the Go To dialog box. In this dialog box, you can either enter the name of the sheet you want to go to or select it from a list. Once you have selected the sheet you want, press Enter, and you will be taken there.

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