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How to Recognize a Header Row when Sorting in Excel

When you are working with data in Microsoft Excel, it is important to be able to identify the header row so that you can properly sort the data. There are a few different ways that you can recognize a header row when sorting in Excel.

One way to recognize a header row is by its position in the worksheet. The header row is typically the first row of data in the worksheet. If you are not sure if the first row is the header row, you can check by looking at the headers of the columns. The header row will typically have the names of the columns, while the other rows will have data in those columns.

Another way to recognize a header row is by its formatting. The header row is often formatted differently than the other rows in the worksheet. For example, the font size may be larger or bolded, or the background color may be different. If you are not sure if a row is formatted as a header row, you can check by looking at the Formatting options in Excel.

Once you have identified the header row, you can then properly sort your data. To sort data in Excel, select all of the cells that you want to sort. Then, go to the Data tab and click on Sort. In the Sort dialog box, make sure that your header row is selected as the Column to sort by. Then choose how you want to sort your data and click OK.

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