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How to Prevent Printing in Excel

To prevent printing in Excel, you can use the Page Layout view. This view displays your worksheet as it will look when it is printed. To switch to Page Layout view, click the View tab on the ribbon and then click Page Layout in the Workbook Views group. You can also press Alt+PL.

In Page Layout view, you can see how your worksheet will look when it is printed. You can also set print options, such as margins and headers/footers. To set print options, click the File tab on the ribbon and then click Print in the left pane. This will open the Print dialog box.

In the Print dialog box, you can select various options to control how your worksheet will be printed. For example, you can choose to print only selected cells or only certain pages. You can also specify which printer to use and whether to print in black and white or color.

Once you have selected the desired options, click OK to close the Print dialog box. Your worksheet will now be printed according to the options you selected.

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