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Filling References to Another Workbook in Excel

When you want to fill references to another workbook in Excel, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First, make sure that the workbook you're referencing is open. Otherwise, Excel won't be able to find the data you're looking for. Second, use absolute cell references rather than relative cell references. That way, if you move the cells around or add new data, your references will still point to the correct cells.

To fill a reference to another workbook, start by selecting the cell where you want the reference to appear. Then, click on the Formulas tab and select Insert Function. In the Insert Function dialog box, select the workbook you want to reference from the list of Worksheet Functions. Once you've selected the workbook, click OK.

Excel will then insert the reference into the selected cell. You can then use this reference just like any other cell reference in Excel. For example, if you wanted to sum all of the values in column A of the referenced workbook, you could use the following formula:


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