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Extracting URLs from Hyperlinks in Excel

There are a few ways to extract URLs from hyperlinks in Excel. One way is to use the HYPERLINK function. This function will return the URL from a hyperlink, and it can be used like this:


For example, if you have a hyperlink in cell A1, you can use the HYPERLINK function in cell B1 to extract the URL, like this:


Another way to extract URLs from hyperlinks in Excel is to use a third-party add-in. There are a few different add-ins that can be used for this purpose, but we recommend using the Find Broken Links for Excel add-in. This add-in will not only extract URLs from hyperlinks, but it will also check to see if the URLs are valid and working.

Once you have installed the Find Broken Links for Excel add-in, you can use it to extract URLs from hyperlinks by following these steps:

  1. Select the cells that contain the hyperlinks that you want to extract URLs from.
  2. Click the Find Broken Links button on the Ablebits Tools tab.
  3. In the Find Broken Links dialog box, click the Extract URL button.
  4. The extracted URLs will be displayed in a new workbook.

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