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Extracting E-mail Addresses from Hyperlinks in Excel

There are a few ways to extract e-mail addresses from hyperlinks in Excel. One way is to use a simple macro. Another way is to use a more sophisticated method that involves using regular expressions. And yet another way is to use a third-party tool such as the Email Address Extractor.

Method 1: Use a Macro

Using a macro is the simplest way to extract e-mail addresses from hyperlinks in Excel. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Open the workbook that contains the hyperlinks from which you want to extract e-mail addresses.
  2. Press Alt+F11 to open the Visual Basic Editor.
  3. In the Project Explorer window, double-click on ThisWorkbook.
  4. Click Insert > Module, and then paste the following code into the module:
Sub ExtractEmail() 
Dim cell As Range 
For Each cell In Selection 
If cell.Hyperlinks.Count > 0 Then 
cell.Value = cell.Hyperlinks(1).Address 
End If 
Next cell 
End Sub
  1. Press F5, or click Run Sub/UserForm on the toolbar, to run the macro.

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