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Exploded Pie Chart Sections in Excel

When you create a pie chart in Excel, the default behavior is for the individual sections of the pie to "explode" out from the center of the chart. This can be helpful in making the different sections of the pie more distinct, but it can also make the chart more difficult to read. If you want to prevent the sections of the pie from exploding, there are a few things you can do.

One option is to simply adjust the "explosion" setting for the pie chart. To do this, select the chart and then go to the "Format" tab on the ribbon. In the "Chart Options" section, there will be a slider that says "Explosion." By default, this is set to 20%, but you can move it to 0% to prevent any explosion from happening.

Another option is to use a doughnut chart instead of a pie chart. Doughnut charts have a hole in the center, which means that there is no central point for the sections to explode out from. To create a doughnut chart, select your data and then go to the Insert tab on the ribbon. In the Charts section, select Doughnut. You can then format your doughnut chart as desired.

If you want even more control over how your pie chart looks, you can use custom angles to rotate each section of the pie. To do this, select your data and then go to the Insert tab on the ribbon. In the Charts section, select Pie. Then, right-click on any section of the pie and select "Format Data Series." In the Format Data Series window that appears, go to the Series Options tab and enter values for Angle of first slice and Angle of rotation.

By following these steps, you can prevent sections of your pie chart from exploding out from the center. This can make your charts easier to read and understand.

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