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Errors when Copying References to External Cells in Excel

When copying references to external cells in Excel, there are a few potential errors that can occur:

  1. The reference may be invalid if the cell it is referencing has been deleted or moved.
  2. The reference may be relative instead of absolute, meaning that it will change if the cell it is copied to is moved.
  3. The reference may be to a different sheet in the workbook, meaning that it will not update if the data in the original sheet changes.

To avoid these errors, it is best to use the Paste Special feature when copying references to external cells. This feature allows you to specify what type of information you are copying, and how you want that information to be pasted. For example, you can choose to paste only the values or only the formulas from a cell. You can also choose to paste as an absolute reference, which will prevent the reference from changing if you move the cell it is copied to.

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