Excel Guides

Displaying the AutoShapes Menu in Excel

To display the AutoShapes menu in Excel, first click on the Insert tab. Then, in the Illustrations group, click on the Shapes drop-down arrow. This will open the AutoShapes menu. From here, you can select the shape you want to insert.

To insert a shape, simply click on the desired shape. Excel will then insert the shape into your worksheet at the location of your cursor. You can then move and resize the shape as needed.

If you want to add text to a shape, first click on the shape to select it. Then, click on the Text Box button in the Drawing group on the Insert tab. A text box will appear inside of your selected shape. You can then type your text into the text box.

Once you are finished working with your shapes, you can close the AutoShapes menu by clicking on the Shapes drop-down arrow again. Your shapes will remain in your worksheet even after you close the menu.

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