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Deriving Antilogs in Excel

To derive the antilog of a number in Excel, we use the following steps:

  1. We take the number whose antilog we want to find.
  2. We then take its logarithm using the LOG() function.
  3. We then use the EXP() function to calculate the antilog.


Find the antilog of 2.5 in Excel.


  1. :2.5

  2. The logarithm of 2.5 can be calculated using the LOG()

  3. function as follows:

(0.405465108108164)        ; LOG(2.5) = 0.405465108108164.
  1. Now that we have the logarithm of 2.5, we can calculate its antilog using the EXP() function as follows:

  2. (1.97403068780791) ; EXP(0.405465108108164) = 1.97403068780791.
    1. Therefore, the antilog of 2.5 is 1.97403068780791.

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