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Default Formatting for PivotTables in Excel

When creating a PivotTable in Excel, there are a few default formatting options that can be applied to make your data more readable and presentable. By default, PivotTables will have the following formatting:

  • The headers for each column will be bolded and left-aligned.
  • The data in each column will be right-aligned.
  • The first column will be wider than the other columns, to accommodate the row labels.
  • Columns with numeric data will have a thousand separator (,) and no decimal places.
  • Columns with dates will have the date format mm/dd/yyyy.

These default formatting options can be changed by going to the "Format" tab in the PivotTable Tools menu. From here, you can change the number format, alignment, font, and other aspects of the PivotTable's appearance. You can also apply conditional formatting rules to highlight certain values or patterns in your data.

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