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Creating Scenarios in Excel

There are many ways to create scenarios in Excel. The most common way is to use the Scenario Manager. To do this, go to the Data tab and click on the What-If Analysis button. Then, click on Scenario Manager. You will see a dialog box that looks like this:

In the dialog box, you can give your scenario a name and description. You can also specify which cells will be changed when the scenario is applied. To do this, click on the Add button and select the cells that you want to change. For each cell that you select, you will need to specify a value. You can also add a comment for each cell, if you want.

Once you have specified all of the cells that you want to change, click on the OK button. This will close the dialog box and add your scenario to the Scenario Manager.

To apply a scenario, simply select it from the list in the Scenario Manager and click on the Show button. This will apply the scenario and show you the results in your worksheet.

You can also create scenarios using macros. This is a more advanced technique, but it can be very powerful. To do this, you will need to record a macro that changes the values of the cells that you want to change. Once you have recorded your macro, you can then run it whenever you want to apply your scenario.

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