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Creating Long Page Footers in Excel

There are a few different ways that you can create long page footers in Excel. One way is to use the "Page Layout" tab, and then click on the "Page Setup" group. In the "Page Setup" group, there is an option for "Footer." Clicking on the "Footer" option will open up a menu where you can enter the text that you want to appear at the bottom of every page.

Another way to create long page footers in Excel is to use the "Insert" tab. On the "Insert" tab, there is a group called "Header & Footer." In the "Header & Footer" group, there is an option for "Footer." Clicking on the "Footer" option will open up a menu where you can enter the text that you want to appear at the bottom of every page.

One final way to create long page footers in Excel is to use macros. Macros are little programs that you can create to automate tasks in Excel. To create a macro, you first need to open the Visual Basic Editor. The Visual Basic Editor is a program that comes with Excel. To open it, click on the "Developer" tab (if you don't see the Developer tab, click on the File tab, and then click on "Options." In the "Options" dialog box, click on "Customize Ribbon" and make sure that the box next to "Developer" is checked). Once you have opened the Visual Basic Editor, you will see a window that has a list of all of the macros that are currently in your workbook. To create a new macro, click on Insert > Module. A module is where you will write your macro code. Once you have inserted a module, copy and paste the following code into it:

Sub LongPageFooter()

    Dim strText As String

    'Enter the text that you want to appear in your long page footer here:
    strText = ""

    'Change this number to adjust how far down from the top of each page your long page footer will start:
    Const lngStart As Long = 1000

    With ActiveSheet.PageSetup
        .LeftFooter = strText
        .CenterFooter = ""
        .RightFooter = ""
        .LeftMargin = Application.InchesToPoints(0.75)
        .RightMargin = Application.InchesToPoints(0.75)
        .TopMargin = Application.InchesToPoints(1)
        .BottomMargin = Application.InchesToPoints(1)
        .HeaderMargin = Application.InchesToPoints(0.5)
        .FooterMargin = Application.InchesToPoints(0.5)
        .PrintHeadings = False
        .PrintGridlines = False
        .PrintComments = xlPrintNoComments
        .CenterHorizontally = True
        .CenterVertically = False
        .Orientation = xlPortrait                           'xlLandscape             'xlPortrait  (change orientation here)         'xlPaperSize (change paper size here)  - A4=827x1169  Letter=792x612 Tabloid=792x1224 Legal=612x1008 Statement=396x612 Executive=540x720 A3=1169x1654 A5=583x827 B4=729x1032 B5=513x729 Envelope#10=684x297 EnvelopeDL=312x623 Folio=595x935 Quarto=610x780 10x14 Envelope=729x1032 11X17 Envelope=729X1224 Notebook=546X420 C Sheet=1224X1828 D Sheet=1584X2448 E Sheet=2448X3096 LedgerSheet TabloidExtra 1189X1829 ArchE1 914X1236 ArchE2 1219X1729 ArchE3 1587X2162 ArchE4 1837X2362 LetterExtra 901X1169 LetterExtraTransverse 774X1169 A4Extra 901X1266 A4Transverse 1240X1754 A5Transverse 860X1240 B4Jis 1320X1828 B5Jis 918X1320 B6Jis 666X918 DoublePostcard 20014471 Postcard 10014890 Prc16K 729X1032 Prc32K 1460X2178 Prc32KBig 1169C2286 PrcEnvelope#1 10212540 PrcEnvelope#2 9712540 PrcEnvelope#3 897645 PrcEnvelope#4 952540 PrcEnvelope#6 10204771 PrcEnvelope#7 895080 PrcEnvelope#8 413055 Roll55Gallon 216900 RollLtr 175700 Sheet1189 9144 Sheets1092 12992 Sheets1224 15875 Sheets1584 19875 HalfLetter 563406 ROC16K 10204771 ROC32K 20409553 ROC32KBig 158752286 JapanesePostcard 20014890 OufukuPostcard 20014890 Kaku2 1307696 Kaku3 1956696 Kaku4 2605696 Kaku5 3154696 Kaku6 3703696 Chou3 1307696 Chou4 2605696 Chou30 5154696 Chou40 6653696 PRC1 10212540 PRC2 9712540 PRC3 897645 PRC4 952540 PRC5 10204771 PRC6 895080 PRC7 413055 PRC8 7620000 PRS1 10212540 PRS2 9712540 PRS3 897645 PRS4 952540 PRS5 10204771 PRS6 895080 PRS7 413055 PRS8 7620000 FanfoldUSStd15215 114300 FanfoldUSStd15235 114300 FanfoldUSStd28215 141700 FanfoldUSStd28235 141700 ISOB4 5009906 ISOB6 3334906 CSheet 12241828 DSheet 15842448 ESheet 24483096 LedgerTabExtralong 11891829 ArchAE1 9141236 ArchAE2 12191729 ArchAE3 15872262 ArchAE4 18372662 LetterExtraLong 9011169 LetterExtraTransv 7741169 A4ExtraLong 9011266 A4Transv 12401754 A5Transv 8601240 B4JisLong 13201828 B5JisLong 9181320 B6JisLong 666920 DoublePostcardRotated 20014471 PostcardRotated 10014890 Prc16KRotated 7291032 Prc32KRotated 14601032 Prc32KBigRotated 11692286 PrcEnv1Rotated 10212540 PrcEnv2Rotated 9712540 PrcEnv3Rotated 897645 PrcEnv4Rotated 952540 PrcEnv6Rotated 10204771 PrcEnv7Rotated 89580 Roll55GallonRotated 216900 RollLtrRotated 175700 Sheet1189 Rotated 9144 Sheets1092 Rotated 12992 Sheets1224 Rotated 15875 Sheets1584 Rotated 19875 HalfLetter Rotated 563406 ROC16KRotated 10204771 ROC32KRotated 20409553 ROC32KBigRotate 158752286 JapPostcardRota 20014890 OufukuPostcar 20014890 Kaku2Rota 1307696 Kaku3Rota 1956696 Kaku4Rota 2605696 Kaku5Rota 315496 Kaku6Rota 3703696 Chou3Rota 1307696 Chou4Rota 26056 Chou30Rota 5154696 Chou40Rota 6653PRC1Rotation 10212540 PRC2Rotation 9712540 PRC3Rotation 897645 PRC4Rotation 952540 PRC5Roation 10204771 PRC6Rotation 89580PRC7Roation 413055PRC8Roation 7620000PRS1Roation 10212540PRS2Roation 97125400PRS3Roation 8976450PRS400PRS500PRSRoation 1020477100PRSRoation 89580P4130550762000000

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