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Creating an Organization Chart in Excel

An organization chart is a diagram that shows the relationships between people or groups within an organization. It is a way to visualize the hierarchy of an organization, and can be helpful in understanding how the organization functions. Excel is a spreadsheet application that can be used to create an organization chart.

To create an organization chart in Excel, you will need to first create a list of all the people or groups in the organization, and their respective titles. This can be done in a separate worksheet, or on the same worksheet as the organization chart. Once you have this information, you will need to select the cells that contain the names and titles, and then click on the Insert tab. In the Insert tab, click on SmartArt, and then choose Hierarchy from the list of SmartArt graphics.

This will insert a blank hierarchy diagram into your worksheet. To add your own data to this diagram, click on the Text Pane button that appears when you hover over the diagram. This will open up a pane where you can enter your own text. Simply type in the names and titles from your list into this pane, and hit Enter after each one. The names and titles will appear in the hierarchy diagram. You can then format this diagram as desired, by changing the colors, adding shapes or lines, etc.

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