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Copying Print Areas when Copying Worksheets in Excel

When you copy a worksheet in Excel, any print areas that have been defined are also copied. This can be handy if you want to quickly create a new worksheet with the same print area as an existing one. However, it can also be a pain if you accidentally copy a print area when you didn't mean to.

There are a few ways to avoid this problem. One is to be careful when selecting the worksheets you want to copy. If you only want to copy one worksheet, make sure that no other worksheets are selected before you right-click and choose Copy from the context menu.

Another way to avoid copying print areas is to use the Move or Copy dialog box. This dialog box gives you more control over which worksheets are copied and where they're copied to. To access the Move or Copy dialog box, select the worksheet you want to copy, then click Home > Cut (or Home > Copy). In the Move or Copy dialog box, make sure that only the Create a copy check box is selected, then click OK.

If you've already copied a worksheet and accidentally included a print area, don't panic! You can easily remove the print area by selecting it and pressing Delete. Or, if you prefer, you can clear the entire print area by going to Page Layout > Print Area > Clear Print Area.

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