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Controlling Where You Edit Cell Contents in Excel

You can control where you edit cell contents in Excel by using the following methods:

  1. Use the Data Validation feature to restrict data entry to a certain range of cells.
  2. Use the Input Message feature to display a message when a cell is selected.
  3. Use the Error Alert feature to display an error message when invalid data is entered into a cell.

Method 1: Use the Data Validation Feature to Restrict Data Entry to a Certain Range of Cells

Step 1: Select the cells that you want to restrict data entry for.

Step 2: On the Data tab, in the Data Tools group, click Data Validation. The Data Validation dialog box appears.

Note: If the Data Validation dialog box is not displayed, make sure that the cells that you selected are not empty, and then click Data Validation again.

(Optional) To give your users a hint about what type of data they should enter in the selected cells, click the [Input Message] tab, and then type a title and message in the corresponding boxes.

(Optional) If you want to prevent users from entering invalid data in the selected cells, click the [Error Alert] [tab], and then select an alert style and type a title and message in the corresponding boxes.

  • Click OK.
< p >< em >< u > Step 3 : In the Allow box , click Whole Number . In order to allow only positive whole numbers , select Greater Than or Equal To 0 from the Data drop - down list . To specify a minimum and / or maximum value , enter those values in their respective boxes . You can also specify how many decimal places are allowed . < img src = "https://support2.content.office.net//media//5eb46dfe - db4e - 4967 - a1b7 - f8c65e2cbfb1 . jpg?version=gb21daaf - bbe0 - 4863 - 9bb9 - 68566ae02d73 "width = "624 "height = "351 "alt = "The Allow box with Whole number selected fromthe Data dropdown list " > < p >< em >< u > Step 4 : Click OK . A warning message appears , telling you that you are about to change how this worksheet looks . Click OK again . Now when you try to enter anything other than a positive whole number into one of those cells , an error message appears . < img src = "https://support2.content office net//media//fb94874f 732a 4ec3 a4ba 73cbc7cc7220 jpg?version=gb21daaf bbe0 4863 9bb9 68566ae02d73 "width = "624 "height = "351 alt = ""Error Alert ""message appears when invalid data is entered intoacell withdata validation applied>"

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