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Changing Chart Types in Excel

There are many different ways to change chart types in Excel. The most common way is to right-click on the chart and select "Change Chart Type" from the menu. You can also click on the "Design" tab in the ribbon and then click on the "Change Chart Type" button.

If you want to change multiple charts at once, you can select them all and then change the chart type from the "Design" tab. To do this, click on one of the charts, hold down the "Shift" key, and then click on each of the other charts that you want to select. Once they're all selected, you can change the chart type from the "Design" tab.

There are a few things to keep in mind when changing chart types. First, make sure that your data is organized in a way that makes sense for the new chart type. For example, if you're changing from a column chart to a line chart, your data should be organized by date or time so that it flows nicely in a line.

Second, pay attention to the different options for each chart type. For example, with a line chart you can choose to show markers or not. With a column chart you can choose to stack the columns or not. Make sure you choose the options that will best represent your data.

Finally, don't be afraid to experiment! Try out different chart types and see which ones work best for your data and your presentation.

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