Excel shortcuts

10 Shortcut Keys for Hiding in Excel

1. Ctrl+0 � Hide the selected rows

2. Ctrl+9 � Hide the selected columns

3. Ctrl+Shift+⌘+9 � Hide the selected sheets

4. Ctrl+6 � Hide the selected cells

5. Ctrl+8 � Hide the selected charts

6. Ctrl+7 � Hide the selected objects

7. Ctrl+Shift+⌘+7 � Hide the selected PivotTables

8. Ctrl+Shift+⌘+8 � Hide the selected Slicers

9. Ctrl+Shift+⌘+6 � Hide the selected Sparklines

10. Ctrl+Shift+⌘+5 � Hide the selected Timelines

Bonus tip: You can also use the Ctrl+⌘+9 shortcut to quickly hide all the rows in your worksheet, or the Ctrl+⌘+0 shortcut to hide all the columns.

If you want to quickly hide all the sheets in your workbook, you can use the Ctrl+Shift+⌘+A shortcut.

Remember, you can always use the Unhide command to bring back any hidden rows, columns, sheets, or objects.

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