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25 time-saving Excel shortcuts you need to know

If you're an Excel power user, you know that shortcuts can save you a ton of time. But there are so many shortcuts available, it can be hard to keep track of them all. That's why we've compiled a list of our favorite time-saving Excel shortcuts.

1. Ctrl + N: Create a new workbook

2. Ctrl + O: Open an existing workbook

3. Ctrl + S: Save the current workbook

4. Ctrl + P: Print the current workbook

5. Ctrl + F: Find a value in the current workbook

6. Ctrl + H: Replace a value in the current workbook

7. Ctrl + A: Select all cells in the current worksheet

8. Ctrl + B: Bold the selected cells

9. Ctrl + I: Italicize the selected cells

10. Ctrl + U: Underline the selected cells

11. Ctrl + 5: Strike through the selected cells

12. Ctrl + 1: Format the selected cells

13. Ctrl + 2: Apply the bold format to the selected cells

14. Ctrl + 3: Apply the italic format to the selected cells

15. Ctrl + 4: Apply the underline format to the selected cells

16. Ctrl + 6: Apply the strikethrough format to the selected cells

17. Ctrl + 7: Apply the subscript format to the selected cells

18. Ctrl + 8: Apply the superscript format to the selected cells

19. Ctrl + 9: Hide the selected rows

20. Ctrl + 0: Hide the selected columns

21. Ctrl + /: Select the entire worksheet

22. Ctrl + !: Select the current region

23. Ctrl + \: Select the visible cells in the current selection

24. Ctrl + ^: Select the entire column of the active cell

25. Ctrl + &: Select the entire row of the active cell

These are just a few of our favorite Excel shortcuts. Do you have a favorite that we didn't include? Let us know in the comments!

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