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Use Excel $ Shortcut to Save Time

If you work with Microsoft Excel on a daily basis, you know that there are certain tasks that you perform over and over again. Maybe you find yourself constantly reformatting cells, or copying and pasting data from one sheet to another. Whatever the case may be, there are probably certain actions that you perform on a regular basis that take up valuable time that could be better spent elsewhere.

One way to save time in Excel is to use shortcuts. A shortcut is simply a keyboard combination that you can use to perform a task quickly and easily, without having to take your hands off the keyboard to use the mouse. For example, the shortcut to insert a new row in Excel is Alt + I + R. To use this shortcut, simply hold down the Alt key on your keyboard and, while doing so, press the I key and then the R key. This will insert a new row above the currently selected cell.

If you're not sure what shortcut to use for a particular task, you can always use the Help menu. Simply press the F1 key on your keyboard to open the Help menu, and then type in a keyword or phrase related to what you want to do. For example, if you want to learn more about how to insert a new row in Excel, you would type "insert row" into the Help menu and then press the Enter key. This will bring up a list of topics related to inserting rows, as well as the keyboard shortcut that you can use to do so.

So, the next time you find yourself performing the same task over and over again in Excel, take a few minutes to see if there's a shortcut that you can use to save time. Chances are, there is!

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