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15 Keyboard Shortcuts to Insert a Row in Excel

If you're an Excel power user, you know that inserting rows is one of the most common tasks you perform in the program. And if you're looking to save time, you know that using keyboard shortcuts is the way to go. Here are 15 keyboard shortcuts to insert a row in Excel.

1. Ctrl+Shift++ (Ctrl+Shift+= on a Mac)
2. Ctrl+Alt+I
3. Ctrl+Alt+Shift+I
4. Ctrl+Shift++ (Ctrl+Shift+= on a Mac)
5. Ctrl+Alt+I
6. Ctrl+Alt+Shift+I
7. Ctrl+Shift++ (Ctrl+Shift+= on a Mac)
8. Ctrl+Alt+I
9. Ctrl+Alt+Shift+I
10. Ctrl+Shift++ (Ctrl+Shift+= on a Mac)
11. Ctrl+Alt+I
12. Ctrl+Alt+Shift+I
13. Ctrl+Shift++ (Ctrl+Shift+= on a Mac)
14. Ctrl+Alt+I
15. Ctrl+Alt+Shift+I

To use any of these shortcuts, simply press the Ctrl key ( Cmd key on a Mac), the Shift key, and the appropriate letter or symbol. For example, to insert a row above the current row, press Ctrl+Shift++ (Ctrl+Shift+= on a Mac).

Note that some of these shortcuts include the Alt key. On a Mac, the Option key is the equivalent of the Alt key.

If you're not sure which shortcut to use, try them out one at a time until you find the one that works best for you. And if you have a favorite keyboard shortcut for inserting rows in Excel, share it with us in the comments.

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