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How to Use the Excel Autofit Column Width Shortcut

If you work with data in Microsoft Excel, you'll eventually need to adjust column widths to make everything fit. You can do this manually by hovering your mouse over the right-hand side of a column header until you see a double-headed arrow, then click and drag the column to your desired width. But if you find yourself doing this often, there's a quicker way: the autofit column width shortcut.

To use the autofit column width shortcut, simply double-click on the right-hand side of a column header. The column will automatically resize to fit the widest entry in that column. If you have multiple columns that you want to autofit, you can select them all by clicking and dragging, then double-clicking any one of the selected columns.

You can also autofit row heights in a similar way: simply double-click on the bottom of a row header. The row will automatically resize to fit the tallest entry in that row. As with columns, you can select multiple rows and autofit them all at once.

The autofit column width shortcut is a quick and easy way to make your data look its best in Excel. Give it a try the next time you need to adjust column widths!

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