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The Last Row with Data: A Quick and Easy Excel Shortcut

If you work with data in Excel, you know that one of the most tedious and time-consuming tasks is finding the last row with data. This is especially true if your data is spread out over multiple worksheets. Fortunately, there's a quick and easy shortcut that can save you a lot of time and frustration.

The first step is to select the range of cells that you want to search. For this example, we'll use cells A1:A10. To select a range of cells, click on the first cell in the range, then hold down the Shift key and click on the last cell in the range. All of the cells in between will be selected.

Once the range is selected, press F5 to bring up the Go To dialog box. In the Reference field, type $A$10 and press Enter. This will take you to the last cell in the range that you selected.

Now, press the End key, followed by the Down Arrow key. This will take you to the last row in your data range that contains data. The row number will be displayed in the Name Box at the left of the formula bar.

You can now select the entire row by pressing Shift+Spacebar. To copy the row, press Ctrl+C. To insert the row, press Ctrl+V. And that's all there is to it!

This shortcut may seem like a small time-saver, but if you're working with large data sets, it can be a real lifesaver. Give it a try the next time you need to find the last row with data in Excel.

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