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Excel Shortcut for Color Fill: How to Use the Paint Bucket Tool in Excel

If you're like most Excel users, you probably spend a lot of time working with data in cells. And if you're working with data, chances are you're also working with colors. Whether you're color-coding cells to make them easier to read or you're using colors to highlight important data, Excel gives you a lot of options for working with color. One of the most useful color tools in Excel is the Paint Bucket tool. Here's a look at what the Paint Bucket tool is and how you can use it to quickly fill cells with color in Excel.

The Paint Bucket tool is located on the Home tab of the Excel ribbon. To use the tool, simply select the cells you want to color and then click the Paint Bucket tool. When you do, a dialog box will appear with a number of color options. Simply click the color you want to use and the selected cells will be filled with that color.

If you want to use a custom color, click the More Colors option. This will open the Colors dialog box, where you can select a custom color. Once you've selected a color, click the OK button and the selected cells will be filled with that color.

The Paint Bucket tool is a great way to quickly fill cells with color. And best of all, it's easy to use. So next time you need to color-code your data, don't waste time doing it manually. Use the Paint Bucket tool and get it done in a snap.

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