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15 Excel Shortcut Keys for Column Width Autofit

If you work with large data sets in Microsoft Excel, you know how important it is to be able to quickly and easily adjust column widths to fit your data. Unfortunately, adjusting column widths manually can be a time-consuming and tedious task. Fortunately, there are a few shortcut keys that can help you quickly and easily autofit your column widths in Excel.

1. Ctrl + A � Selects all cells in the worksheet.

2. Ctrl + B � Bold the selected text.

3. Ctrl + C � Copy the selected cells.

4. Ctrl + D � Fill the selected cells down with the contents of the cell above.

5. Ctrl + F � Open the Find dialog box.

6. Ctrl + G � Open the Go To dialog box.

7. Ctrl + H � Open the Replace dialog box.

8. Ctrl + I � Italicize the selected text.

9. Ctrl + K � Insert a hyperlink.

10. Ctrl + N � Open a new workbook.

11. Ctrl + O � Open an existing workbook.

12. Ctrl + P � Open the Print dialog box.

13. Ctrl + S � Save the active workbook.

14. Ctrl + U � Underline the selected text.

15. Ctrl + W � Close the active workbook.

To autofit your column widths using one of these shortcut keys, simply select the cells you want to autofit, then press the appropriate shortcut key. For example, to autofit the width of column A, select column A, then press Ctrl + A. Excel will automatically adjust the width of column A to fit your data.

These shortcut keys are just a few of the many shortcut keys that can save you time and effort in Excel. For a complete list of Excel shortcut keys, check out the Microsoft Office website.

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